Real Estate: Why You Need a Realtor NOW More Than Ever

Surely, buying or selling a home can’t be that difficult, right? Think again. Today, it’s a new world for residential real estate. Homes are taking longer to sell and selling for lower prices. Buyers are taking their time to find the perfect home at the best value and asking  for more seller concessions. Lenders are more closely scrutinizing loan applications and extending less credit. Short-sale and foreclosure properties are abundant, but buying one can seem next to impossible. If you think you could do it alone, ask yourself the following questions: Are you objective? Available nights, weekends and holidays? Ready to go toe-to-toe with a Realtor representing the buyer? Are you willing to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to market your home? Do you have access to the top local, regional and national real estate Web sites? Do you fully understand seller disclosures, appraisals and other key paperwork? Are you prepared to deal with legal consequences if you don’t? Not using a professional Realtor like us is a little bit like defending yourself in court. You might think you’ll do okay, but by the time you realize it wasn’t a good idea, it might be too late! Let The Lee Ann Miller Team help you with your real estate transaction.

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