Real Estate Tips: Ways to Save Money Every Day

Buy the Smaller Package – Yep, you read that right. Some supermarkets and drugstores charge more per unit for the supersize product. Swap Books and CDs – Websites make it easy to trade used books and records for titles you want. is a great place to start. Choose Refurbished – When consumers return products after opening the box, computer, electronics, and appliance manufacturers make any necessary repairs and resell returned goods as “factory refurbished.” If you buy direct from the manufacturer’s Web site, this lightly used gear often comes with a warranty. Change Your Calling Plan Because You Can – Until recently, cell phone companies wouldn’t let customers convert to a cheaper plan unless they extended their contract another year or two. Sprint, Verizon Wireless, and AT&T have announced that customers can now switch their minute allowance, text, or data options without repercussion. Source:

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