Real Estate Tips: Fall is the Perfect Time to Plant & Prune

Now is the time to dig out the shears, gloves and get dirty. The temperature is pleasant, the ground is dry and the sun still warms the afternoon sky. Throughout the Carolinas, fall is the perfect time to get your foliage ready to survive winter and thrive in the spring. Planting in the warm soil of fall will encourage root growth and give s trees and shrubs a healthy start. By spring, they’ll be ready to dig deeper and generate new top growth, which also makes them more heat and drought resistant when summer arrives. Ideally, evergreens should be planted about six weeks before the first hard freeze, while deciduous plants can be planted anytime before the ground isn’t frozen. If you want to add fall colors, simply take a walk and look for plants that are showing off their best. Add interest to a smaller yard with a Japanese maple or dwarf varieties. While you are digging in, take some time to prune back. Many beautiful homes are hidden by out-of-control landscaping. Once the sap stops flowing and the leaves are gone, it’s easy to see limbs that are overgrown, broken or diseased. Cut the damaged parts, but don’t “top” plants that are overgrown. Rather, thin them carefully, as any flowering branches that are cut may not produce flowers the next year. By planting and pruning now, you’ll cross something off your list, enjoy it more, and get a head start on lush landscaping for the next year!