Real Estate: Happy Spring!

Happy Early Spring!  After the long, cold winter, it is a blessing to see some moderating temperatures.    As many of you know, North Carolina has a mandatory revaluation procedure that each county assessor must conduct a minimum of once every eight years.  Regardless of whether you own real estate in Mecklenburg County (where the revaluation notices were recently mailed) or whether you are updating your asset statement, you need to conduct an annual evaluation of real estate you own.   If you own real estate in Mecklenburg County, you need to confirm your new assessed value is correct.  If it is too high, there is a formal appeal process you may initiate via the instructions on your assessment notice.  That process will require that you defend your position and value.  Here is where we can help…   We offer two options in assisting you to determine the current value of your real estate.  First, we are happy to prepare a “Comparative Market Analysis” which will show recent nearby sales of similar properties.  This “CMA” provides an opinion of value based on the comparables.  It is a report you are free to present during the appeal process.   Second, we offer you a tool on our website that will allow you to do your own research.  Our website has over 12 months of recent sales and is very easy to navigate using the following simple steps:  
  1. Go to www.( and click the option for “Tate Map Interactive Search”.  Once the map opens, read the instructions on the welcome page, then close the instructions window.
  2. Once you see the map tool, note there is a panel that slides in and out on the left side.  At the bottom of the panel, there is a place for you to insert an address.  Type your address in the format indicated and click the star.
  3. All nearby for-sale homes are represented by red push pins.  More importantly, all nearby recent sales are represented by the slate colored push pins.
  4. As you hover over the push pins, a balloon display will appear – note you can click the “View Details” option from the balloon to see all of the information about any home.
  We hope you find the map tool helpful and if you are interested in a CMA, please feel free to call us at (704-896-5141). We are happy to help you every year with the important evaluation!   Sincerely, The Lee Ann Miller Team

Real Estate Market-Mecklenburg County: New Property Revaluations Are In…

Now let the fun begin! On February 8th, many home owners received their new property revaluations and the results vary depending on where you live. We figured that everyone in Mecklenburg County is going to have questions about the new revaluation of their property. So, we added a couple of helpful links to get you started.  Go to  for questions and also on there is a good video about the appeal process. We are already hearing that some people are happy and some definitely not!!!! Please call us with any questions and we will he happy to try to help. –The Lee Ann Miller Team