Real Estate Tips: Neighborly Advice

It’s not uncommon to hear homeowners exclaim “If we ever move from here, we’re taking the neighbors with us.” We feel strongly about those relationships we form over the balcony or barbecue pit, especially if we live far from our families. And while we can’t predict who will lend us a ladder, feed our cats or become our son’s new best friend, we can carefully consider what we’re buying in a neighborhood:
  • Time of Day – What is the neighborhood like at different times of the day? What are the traffic patterns? What about noise? Does it seem safe?
  • Costs and commute – Does the neighborhood have a homeowners association? What are the dues and what does that include? How long is the commute and how much will you spend on gas?
  • Appearance – What is the architectural style of the homes? Have they been maintained? Are there mature trees and landscaped common areas?
  • Connectivity – What is nearby? Think about shopping, restaurants, worship facilities and banks. Can you walk or bike anywhere?
  • Schools – The schoolhouse at the end of the street is a priority consideration. Even if you don’t have children, the quality of the school will greatly affect resale value.
  Poet Robert Frost once said “Good fences make good neighbors.” But when you’re choosing a neighborhood, peek over the fences and take a closer look. Do your research, ask questions – and find your fit.