Real Estate Tips: Time to get your “home” in order


Do you know what to do now so you can buy in the future?

  Don’t worry, you’re not alone.  However, many homeowners spend less than six months from concept to contract. Therefore, it’s never to early to start the process and we can tell you a good place to begin.
  1. Do a credit check-up – Get a copy of your credit reports and examine them carefully. Pay down your debt, especially credit cards. Limit the amount of new credit purchases, and don’t open (or close) accounts.
  2. Start saving – Reduce your expenses to save as much as possible. You’ll need a minimum down payment of 5 percent, or more, to give you the best financing options.
  3. Learn about mortgages – Talk to a mortgage consultant and learn what to expect. When you are within 3 months of buying, get pre-qualified to see what you can afford and your potential interest rate.
  4. Follow the market – Begin your home search on and sign up for 1st to Know to receive new listings that meet your criteria. Attend open houses in the areas where you might want to live. Consider all options, including single-family, townhomes and condos.
  5. Develop a relationship with a Realtor – Even if you are a year away from buying, we can keep you informed about market trends, special programs and properties you might be interested in. When you are ready, we can help you navigate the process to achieve your goal.



We are often asked this question by homeowners – those considering a sale as well as those curious about their neighborhood values.  The answer is … “It depends”.


If you live in a community with few to no foreclosure activity, the chances are you will be minimally affected by this situation.  Unless other sales in the neighborhood were distressed (such as short sales) the history of activity and pricing will be represented by transactions between traditional sellers and buyers and the values will mirror the overall market.  This does not necessarily mean your values have or will remain the same, it simply means the values will be in line with the overall market in the region.


If you live in a community where foreclosure activity is present, there could be an effect on values in your neighborhood.  Typically, appraisers (and buyers) will discount a single foreclosure in determining values for other active homes on the market.  However, if there are several recent foreclosures, the appraiser (and buyers) will typically use those sales as “comps” in the market.  Those comps are typically lower than traditional sales and will impact the prices accordingly.


To put this foreclosure matter into perspective, consider the following.  Nearly one-third of all homes in the U.S. carry no mortgage.  So, when you hear that the foreclosure rate is nearing five percent of all mortgages, that number excludes homes without mortgages and the actual rate of all homes is lower.  Also remember, more than 90% of all borrowers remain current on their mortgage payments.


Are you interested in knowing whether your neighborhood prices are affected by foreclosure activity, please call or e-mail us.  We will be happy to do an analysis of the market and report back with specific details.


Lastly, if you are interested in knowing about real estate activity in your neighborhood, we have a great new tool called, “Market Report” that summarizes all active, pending and sold properties with links to detail pages, mapping tools and other statistics.  This e-mail report can be sent monthly and the feedback from our clients has been awesome.  If you are interested in receiving this valuable tool, please give us a call or email.

 Sincerely, The Lee Ann Miller Team


Real Estate Market: Do You Know What’s Happening in YOUR Neighborhood?


Curious about housing activity in your neighborhood? What’s on the market? What is your home worth? What are the market trends?

Designed for homeowners, the new Allen Tate Market Report keeps you up-to-date on the real estate trends and activity – specifically where you live.

 For your convenience, Market Report is delivered via-email to your inbox only once a month (or less frequently if you desire) – putting the information you need right at your fingertips.


Market Report Includes:
  • Customized market information and summary graphs
  • Complete details for active properties and recently sold properties
  • Color photos of each property
  • Map functionality


To receive your customized report subscription to Market Report click on the link below.

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Real Estate Market: Reserve your copy of Market Report

  Curious about housing activity in your neighborhood? Should you sell now? What is your home worth in today’s market?  A new Allen Tate report, Market Report, provides exactly this type of information. Coming in late spring, this customized report, sent to you via e-mail, offers you a convenient way to monitor real estate trends and activity in your neighborhood. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell now or just curious to know what’s happening in your neighborhood, Market Report keeps you “in the know.”   Let us know if you’d like to receive this free and helpful report as soon as it’s available. I’ll be happy to sign you up.  –The Lee Ann Miller Team