Real Estate Tips: Simple Laundry Room Updates

  Today,with more and more time being spent working and running kids to practice, your laundry room needs to be a pleasant and functional room. Below are some simple updates to help stop the laundry pile up. An Entertaining Laundry Station: With flat-screen TVs making entertainment centers a thing of the past, take that bulky piece of furniture and turn it into a convenient and compact laundry center. Remove and rearrange the shelving to accommodate laundry baskets, and install a clothes rod in one section for hanging clothes. The More the Merrier: Have two stackable washer and dryer sets. Double the loads and double the free time so now you have more time with  family. This is one of the latest trends seen in laundry rooms. Corral Cleaning Supplies: A lazy Susan keeps all of your detergents, stain removers, and laundry supplies in one easy-to-access location. Just spin the wheel to find what you need. Cottage-Style Drying Rack: Put the wall behind a door to work by building a fold-up rack for air-drying towels or other small items. Make a simple frame of 1x2s and attach it to the wall. Assemble the drying rack from 1x2s and dowels to fit snugly inside the frame. A catch at the top keeps the rack in place when closed; hinges and a chain allow it to fall open for use. Instant Laundry Station: Combine a wall-hung cabinet with a laundry-cart-on-wheels to turn a sliver of wall space into a convenient laundry center. An inexpensive iron holder attached to the side of the cabinet keeps the iron within reach, and a space-saving clothes hanger holds ironed items temporarily. Add a Folding Station: Folding items as they come from the dryer saves minutes and can help minimize wrinkles. To give yourself work space, build a counter-height table using 2x4s. Fitting it over side-by-side front-loading appliances is ideal for convenience. Hide the under-table storage area with a fabric skirt. Source: Better Homes &