Real Estate Tips: Unwanted Party Guest?

Backyard Birthday Party  
Summer time is a great time to invite friends over for backyard parties. However, many of us have unwanted guest that regularly attend these parties…mosquitoes. Below is a list of some things to help keep the guest away. 

mosquito warning

1) Prevention – Mosquitoes begin their lives in water. Walk around your home and look for standing water. All it takes is a bottle cap full of water to welcome mosquitoes to your home. 

2) Lemongrass – A mature Lemongrass plant can help keep these unwanted guests away. You must trim the top and plant it in a clear container of water. 
lemongrass likes sun so place it in a windowsill that gets plenty of sun. Once the roots have been developed, you can transplant the plant outdoors. 

3) Citronella & a Wine Bottle – Mosquitoes do not like the smell of citronella. Here is a way to use old wine bottles & citronella to keep them away.
– 1 empty and clean wine bottle
– 1 Tiki torch wick refill (thick)
– 3/8″ diameter metal washer (or adjust for size of openings)

     Feed the wick through the openings of the washer. Try leaving about 1/4″ of     the wick sticking out of the top for a snug fit. Make sure there aren’t any gaps between the washer and the wick. This may cause the bottle to fill up with smoke.

     Pour the oil into the bottle to cover half of the wick. Feed the longer side of the wick into the bottle. Light the top wick and enjoy the smell. 

4) Maintenance spray – Many local business have a mosquito sprays. The company comes out once a month for 4-5 months and sprays bushes and small trees around your home. From experience, this treatment does help. 

Real Estate Tips: Out With The Mold…

carpet…And in with the new! February can be know as a wet month, whether due to rain or snow, and this means it’s the perfect time for mold. Below is a list of some things you can do around the house to keep the mold at bay.

  • Have your carpets professionally cleaned and vacuum regularly. This helps you remove sources that are likely to come in contact with moisture. 
  • Get some fresh air. Open the windows. By doing this, you help give mold an exit and reduce the trapped moisture that can attract mold in the future.
  • Turn up the heat. Condensation is bad for your home. So if you notice that it is forming, bring those rooms to a warmer temperature so the the water vapor in the air doesn’t change to the liquid state.
  • Change your shower curtain. This will help eliminate unhealthy mold and mildew that contribute to mold problems in the shower and tub. Try to air out the shower and/or wipe down the walls before leaving the bathroom. 

Real Estate: The Role of a Trusted Real Estate Advisor

Homeownership is wonderful thing and a source of pride like no other. You get to build equity, deduct taxes and interest, plus have a place to call your own. With that said, there is a lot more than just buying and selling your home. As your trusted real estate advisors, The Lee Ann Miller Team is here to help you maximize your investment and release some of the hassles of homeownership between purchases. Here’s how: Re-insurance- You should do an annual insurance “checkup” to make sure your coverage is adequate to cover the replacement value of your home and contents. We will be happy to assist you and give you a few of our favorite Insurance agents. Remodel You have to be careful when remolding your home. Some improvements can be “over-improvements” while others can be ‘”under-improvments”. We can help you determine which improvments will give you the biggest return on investment and those you should avoid. Refinance– Interest rates are at a historic low however, they are expected to rise soon. This may be your last opportunity to refinance  and lower your rate. We can advise you if it makes since to refinace and put you in contact with some of our trusted Mortgage consultants. Re-valuation– Monitoring the recent sales in your neighborhood and keeping up with the current real estate market makes you a smart homeowner. Ask us how you can receive a customized Market Report to keep you in the know! Repair- unfortunately, this is a big part of homeownership. Things break and it is usually when it’s least convenient. Let us connect you with trusted vendors. That’s one less thing you will have to worry about. Re-asses- When you receive your annual property assessment, do you know what it means? Do you think it is fair? What actions can you take if it’s not what you expected? I can help you understand your assessment and advise on how this may affect the resale of your home. Referrals– If you didn’t already know, your referrals are our greatest compliment. We would be happy to provide your family, friends, neighbors and colleagues the same service and knowledge. Whether they are moving across town or across the country, we can help them sell their home or find their next one. Contact your favorite advisors today!