Real Estate News: Final Portion of I-485 to Honor a Local Business Man

It was just announced that the final segment of I-485 outer loop will be named in honor of H. Allen Tate, Jr, the founder and CEO of the Allen Tate Companies.

Mr. Tate has served on the Charlotte Chamber’s Regional Roads Committee, Toll Roads Solutions Committee and others. Some peers feel without his drive and involvement throughout the years, I-485 would not be completed for many more years. The Charlotte Chamber President & CEO, Bob Morgan, said ” For the past 50 years, there has been no greater champion than Allen Tate for planning, funding and building of roads to meet the demands of our region’s growing population”.

What a great honor for a wonderful man. Congratulations Mr. Tate!

No date has been set for an opening or naming ceremony but it is in the works.

Summarized from an article on Charlotte Chamber website

Real Estate News: Special Gift for Central Piedmont Community College

Central Piedmont Community College (Central Campus) plans to build a clock tower located along Elizabeth Avenue between the Terrell building & Elizabeth classroom building. The clock tower will stand 48′ tall and will be constructed of brick and cast stone. The tower is a gift from H. Allen Tate, Jr a local business man, founder & CEO of Allen Tate Companies. Mr. Tate felt something was missing from this campus and hopes the tower will serve as a “great symbol of achievement and a reminder of all the hard work and commitment students have made to achieve their goals.” A wonderful gift from a special man.

The clock tower is expected to be complete by early 2015.