Real Estate Tip: End of the Year Organization

  It’s the time of year where summer and fall need to be packed up and put away to make room for the upcoming holiday and winter seasons. Here are some ways to get started:    Pack It Up: The key to home organization is a good collection of storage containers. The act of simply packing up clothes and shoes that are out of season can make a huge difference in your house.    Label It: Some large storage containers come with dry erase or chalkboard areas on which you can write the contents of boxes. Try to keep holiday items together. Color-coding your storage (green for Christmas storage and so on) eliminates the need to label. Clothing should be labeled for sizing, but try to pack up contractor bags for donating to charity in order to cut down on storage space.    Fall/Winter Cleaning: You hear about spring cleaning all the time, but fall/winter with all its back-to-school clutter and sports equipment mud can often be a time where your home needs a good cleaning the most. Set time aside on your calendar for vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms, or scrubbing the kitchen. Have a little extra cash? Consider a whole house cleaning- nothing makes you feel your home is ready for company more than a good scrub.   Decorate Your Dining Room: The oft-unused formal dining room often becomes the focus of seasonal holiday events. Clear the bills off the table, put on a pretty seasonal tablecloth, and buy some matching candles or a pretty silk flower arrangement for a centerpiece. Feeling like there’s one truly welcoming room in your home will help you be more comfortable with the upcoming family visits and holiday celebrations. Source:  

Real Estate Tip: Facelift Your HOME for the Holidays

    Try rearranging your furniture with friends on a rainy or snowy day. Move lamps from one table to the next, switch chairs around, split one large seating arrangement into two intimate groupings. You can always move it back the way it was if you don’t like it, but you might find yourself pleasantly surprised. Gather up your stored collectibles and accessories and put them altogether. You might be surprised how objects that seem very different have a commonality to them, such as size or color. Try different combinations, taking pictures to select from your most successful new groupings. You might just discover something new about that old vase you were about to toss. Sort through your family vacation photo albums. Change out framed photos with ones from the albums. Add new frames to your photo collection (which could also make lovely,personal gifts). Group photos on the mantle or media console. Visit your local museum store for quality framed art, posters and interesting accessories to brighten up those dead areas. There is nothing like new art to inspire you! Purchase new guest towels. Mix and layer a new pattern or color towel with your existing set. Sprigs of fresh herbs or a stem of a silk flower can be used to cinch the smallest towels. Make a New Years resolution. Gather up all your design and decorating magazines, which have been accumulating in the den, and make a style file for your decorating plans. Source: