Real Estate: Competitive vs. Compelling Pricing

 Make sure your home is the “shiniest apple”

  You’ve taken our advice about what to do when trying to sell your home: spruce up the landscaping, repaint the bathroom, remove extra furniture and make it available for showings.  And you’ve agreed to price it competitively with others in the area. That may not be quite enough. In today’s real estate market, competitive pricing is the expectation. Compelling pricing is the exception. A competitive price is reasonable, viable and good. But it’s also in line with the price of many other properties with similar features, which makes it part of that sea of sameness. A compelling price has a powerful and irresistible effect; it commands attention, admiration and respect. Compelling is convincing; it grips you and doesn’t let go. It’s persuasive and undeniable. It’s the shiniest apple in the bowl, just begging for someone to grab it. Is your listing price compelling or merely competitive? Are buyers grabbing your apple?