Sellers FAQ

What can we do to make sure my home will attract the right buyer?

There are 5 basic reasons a property sells:

  • Location
  • Price
  • Condition of the property
  • Terms
  • The Agent/Team you select

Out of the 5, the seller can control 4 of the variable. Start today by selecting The Lee Ann Miller Team to represent you.

The Lee Ann Miller Team will help you by performing a free market analysis to determine the best price to spark buyer interest and to help you assess the condition of your property. Sometimes a property may take additional steps to make it “move in ready” and we have an extensive network of resources to get the job done. The location of the property cannot be changed but our expert listing agent can advise you on a pricing strategy to overcome any negatives on the location.

The next step is marketing and The Lee Ann Miller Team has that covered. We will send out a team member to photograph your home so we have pictures the day it is listed. If professional services are needed, we will send out a professional photographer, home stager, interior designer and/or home measurer. Then the pictures of your property are placed on multiple media websites to provide you with the most exposure. Some of the websites are: 

  • We will also provide you will professional and attractive brochures, flyers and marketing report.
  • You will also receive emails on showings and feedback from the showings as we receive them. 

Do you have any FREE tips to help get our home ready to show?

First Impressions Are VERY Important!
This includes the curb appeal. What your buyers sees’ sets the tone for their experience for your property. Some buyers will not tour the home if the curb appeal doesn’t attract them which is sad because they miss out on a great home. Keep in mind that a sparkling clean home sells faster than a dirty cluttered home. Many buyers have confidence that a homeowner that takes pride in the appearance of the home will also take care of the structural maintenance that cannot be seen on the surface.

Create Curb Appeal!
This is one of the easiest items to address and you don’t have to spend a lot of money. A neat and trimmed yard is appealing to buyer. A freshly painted front door makes a great first impression. Try to keep sidewalks and driveways swept or blown off, fresh mulch and/or pine needles look nice, and trim any bushes or tree limbs hiding your home. Flowers always give a positive vibe and add attractiveness to your home. Store boats, RVs, and/or old cars off your property while home is on the market.

Know How Much to Spend and Where!
The Lee Ann Miller can give advice before you spend money on repairs and updates. Your goal is to spend as little as possible in preparing your home for sale but still wow the buyer with selecting and finishes. Some larger ticket items are better left for negotiating with the buyer rather than repairing or replacing at your cost. An example would be the roof. The buyer may want to pick out a better product or different color shingle.

From the Inside Out!
Clean and remove all clutter from every room in the home. Renting a storage unit or POD not only helps you get packing for your next property but makes your home more spacious. You could also hold a yard sale if you needed extra cash. You may consider hiring a cleaning service while on the market. Keep countertops clear of small items and clutter to make the kitchen more inviting. Don’t forget to de-clutter the outside of the refrigerator as well. Fresh paint on walls and trim make the home feel inviting and clean. Update carpet and tile with neutral colors to assist in a quicker sale. All light bulbs should function properly, if not, replace all that are burnt out. The items above are suggestions and The Lee Ann Miller Team can help you determine what steps you need to take before putting your home on the market in the best condition.

What are my responsibilities as the seller?

As your Realtor, we are committed to your total satisfaction. Our goal is to sell your home, and to meet that goal we will work together to: 

  • Set the right price.
  • Get your home ready for listing.
  • Create a marketing plan just for your home.
  • Negotiate the sale.
  • Take care of all the details to get your home ready for closing.
  • Close and complete the sale.