Real Estate Tips: Home Repairs or Remodeling in Your Future?

If the answer is yes, then here are some great questions to ask your contractor to insure a successful project.
  • Is a building permit required for this work? Do I need to obtain one or will you?
  • Have you detailed the scope of the project and all anticipated costs as part of my written bid?
  • Have you included written specifics about the type of lumber and materials that will be used in my project?
  • Will my project impact any underground utilities, i.e. telephone, cable or gas lines? If so, will you take care of locating them?
  • Where will my construction materials be stored during the project?
  • Who is responsible for clean-up during or after the project is completed?
  • What deposit is expected prior to the start of the project?
  • Will any materials be delivered early? If so, we you be there for the placement of the materials?
  • Will you provide me with written information about your contractor’s license, general liability insurance and worker’s compensation insurance?
  • Will you provide me with business references (suppliers, code officials, etc…) and current, recent and past (2+ years) customer references for projects similar to mine?
  • Do you offer a warranty on your services? If so, will you provide me written information about the warranty and for how long it’s covered?

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