Real Estate Market: Kitchen Cabinetry Trends

Personalized Storage – Floor-to-ceiling  shelving? No problem. More cabinetry choices have made it possible to skip the formula and let your style preferences and the way you cook lead the way when it comes to outfitting your kitchen.   A High-Quality Finish – A good finish can help take a cabinet from a piece of wood to a work of art. Distressed finishes are still popular, particularly when they’re used to add premature age, but today’s look leans more toward worn than crackled.   Decorative Elements – The chameleon qualities of maple have also helped establish its reputation as timeless. You can dress it up with stainless-steel appliances and dark stone countertops or make a comfortably casual kitchen with white appliances and matching solid-surface countertops.   Embellishments – Gone are the days when   cabinets were unembellished boxes. Today’s most interesting styles take their finishing touches from furniture and architecture. Add-ons such as fretwork light valances, under counter corbels, and mullioned doors give a standard setup custom appeal. Islands with fancy feet, commanding pilasters, and arched openings achieve a focal-point status that’s more a result of style than of location. Carvings, cutouts, and moldings all add emphasis to a cabinet’s decorative aspects.   Make Appliances Disappear – Unobtrusive appliance garages, countertop doors that swing up instead of rolling up, and cabinet inserts are designed to stow everything from mixers to coffee makers. Source: Better Homes &  

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