Good Results and Predictions for Charlotte, NC Housing Market

                                                                                                                            Nov-Dec 2009 GOOD NEWS to Report… John Connaughton, UNCC economist, predicts that next year, the state’s economy will grow 2.8 percent, following this year’s 3.6 percent decline.  N.C. businesses are expected to add nearly 33,000 jobs next year, with growth in more than half of the state’s economic sectors – including finance and real estate, which took massive hits in the recession, Connaughton said. He expects the construction, services and government fields to post the biggest gains in 2010.   Cities Where Housing Is on the Mend (12/09/2009) The recovery is swiftest in those areas that didn’t have as much of a housing price run up to begin with, either because the in the 100 largest metropolitan statistical areas. Then it calculated the percentage of loans that are descending further into delinquency vs. those that are improving. Recovering the most quickly: Raleigh #6, Greensboro #21, Charlotte #27, Greenville #51 Click here for full article <>   America’s Fastest-Recovering Cities Diversified industry and relatively stable housing give residents in these metros a measure of economic security. Raleigh/Cary #9, Greensboro #53, Charlotte #54, Greenville #66   Best Bang-For-The-Buck Cities Solid housing markets, relatively stable employment, enviable cost of living and quick commutes make these metros among the country’s most affordable to live. Greenville #20, Raleigh/Cary#21, Greensboro #30, Charlotte #56                                                                                                                                     704-896-5141 Office                                                                 Allen Tate Company                                                    

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