Charlotte Hornets Basketball Schedule – 2015

Charlotte Hornets 2015-2016 Season

Date:                              Opponent:                                        Time:
October 28th               @Miami (Heat)                                     7:30 pm

October 30th               @Atlanta (Hawks)                                8:00 pm

November 1st           Atlanta (Hawks)                                   2:00 pm

November 3rd          Chicago (Bulls)                                   7:00 pm

November 5th             @Dallas (Mavericks)                            8:30 pm      

November 7th             @San Antonio (Spurs)                         8:30 pm 

November 10th           @Minnesota (Timberwolves)               8:00 pm

November 11th         New York (Knicks)                             7:00 pm

November 13th           @Chicago (Bulls)                                 8:00 pm

November 15th         Portland (Trail Blazers)                    5:00 pm

November 17th          @New York (Knicks)                            7:30 pm

November 18th        Brooklyn (Nets)                                  7:00 pm 

November 20th        Philadelphia (76ers)                           7:00 pm

November 23rd        Sacramento (Kings)                           7:00 pm 

November 25th        Washington  (Wizards)                       7:00 pm

November 27th        Cleveland (Cavaliers)                        7:00 pm

November 29th         Milwaukee (Bucks)                             2:00 pm

December 2nd          Golden State (Warriors)                     7:00 pm

December 5th            @Chicago (Bulls)                                  8:00 pm

December 7th           Detroit (Pistons)                                  7:00 pm

December 9th           Miami (Heat)                                         7:00 pm

December 11th          @Memphis (Grizzlies)                           8:00 pm

December 12th         Boston (Celtics)                                  7:00 pm

December 16th          @Orlando (Magic)                                 7:00 pm

December 17th         Toronto (Raptors)                               7:00 pm

December 19th          @Washington (Wizards)                      7:00 pm

December 21st          @Houston (Rockets)                             8:00 pm

December 23rd         Boston (Celtics)                                  7:00 pm

December 26th         Memphis (Grizzlies)                            7:00 pm

December 28th         Los Angeles (Lakers)                          7:00 pm

December 30th         Los Angeles (Clippers)                       7:00 pm

January 1st                 @Toronto (Raptors)                              7:30 pm

January 2nd               Oklahoma City (Thunder)                  7:00 pm

January 4th                 @Golden State (Warriors)                  10:30 pm

January 6th                 @Phoenix (Suns)                                 9:00 pm

January 9th                 @Los Angeles (Clippers)                    3:30 pm

January 10th               @Denver (Nuggets)                             8:00 pm

January 13th                Atlanta (Hawks)                                    7:00 pm

January 15th               @New Orleans (Pelicans)                   8:00 pm

January 16th              Milwaukee (Bucks)                            7:00 pm

January 18th              Utah (Jazz)                                          2:00 pm

January 20th               @Oklahoma City (Thunder)                 8:00 pm

January 22nd              @Orlando (Magic)                                7:00 pm

January 23rd             New York (Knicks)                              7:00 pm

January 25th              @Sacramento (Kings)                         10:00 pm

January 27th              @Utah (Jazz)                                         9:00 pm

January 29th              @Portland (Trail Blazers)                    10:00 pm 

January 31st              @Los Angeles (Lakers)                         9:30 pm

February 3rd            Cleveland (Cavaliers)                         7:00 pm

February 5th             Miami (Heat)                                        7:00 pm

February 6th             Washington (Wizards)                        7:00 pm

February 8th             Chicago (Bulls)                                   7:00 pm

February 10th            @Indiana (Pacers)                                7:00 pm

February 19th            @Milwaukee (Bucks)                            8:00 pm

February 21st            @Brooklyn (Nets)                                 6:00 pm

February 24th            @Cleveland (Cavaliers)                       7:00 pm

February 26th            @Indiana (Pacers)                               7:00 pm

February 28th            @Atlanta (Hawks)                                3:30 pm

March 1st                  Phoenix (Suns)                                  7:00 pm

March 2nd                 @Philadelphia (76ers)                          7:00 pm

March 4th                 Indiana (Pacers)                                 7:00 pm

March 7th                 Minnesota (Timberwolves)               7:00 pm

March 9th                 New Orleans (Pelicans)                    7:00 pm

March 11th               Detroit (Pistons)                                 7:00 pm

March 12th               Houston (Rockets)                             7:00 pm

March 14th               Dallas (Mavericks)                             7:00 pm

March 16th               Orlando (Magic)                                 7:00 pm

March 17th                @Miami (Heat)                                     7:30 pm

March 19th               Denver (Nuggets)                             6:00 pm

March 21st               San Antonio (Spurs)                          7:00 pm

March 22nd               @Brooklyn (Nets)                                 7:30 pm

March 25th                @Detroit (Pistons)                               7:30 pm 

March 26th                @Milwaukee (Bucks)                           8:30 pm  

March 29th                @Philadelphia (76ers)                         7:00 pm

April 1st                     Philadelphia (76ers)                           7:00 pm

April 3rd                    @Cleveland (Cavaliers)                       3:30 pm

April 5th                    @Toronto (Raptors)                            7:30 pm   

April 6th                    @New York (Knicks)                           7:30 pm

April 8th                  Brooklyn (Nets)                                  7:00 pm

April 10th                 @Washington (Wizards)                     1:00 pm

April 11th                 @Boston (Celtics)                                7:30 pm

April 13th                Orlando (Magic)                                 8:00 pm    

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Real Estate News: Final Portion of I-485 to Honor a Local Business Man

It was just announced that the final segment of I-485 outer loop will be named in honor of H. Allen Tate, Jr, the founder and CEO of the Allen Tate Companies.

Mr. Tate has served on the Charlotte Chamber’s Regional Roads Committee, Toll Roads Solutions Committee and others. Some peers feel without his drive and involvement throughout the years, I-485 would not be completed for many more years. The Charlotte Chamber President & CEO, Bob Morgan, said ” For the past 50 years, there has been no greater champion than Allen Tate for planning, funding and building of roads to meet the demands of our region’s growing population”.

What a great honor for a wonderful man. Congratulations Mr. Tate!

No date has been set for an opening or naming ceremony but it is in the works.

Summarized from an article on Charlotte Chamber website

Events: Charlotte Hornets Basketball Schedule – 2014/2015

New look! New name! New season! New team for 2014? 

(Home Games in Purple)

DATE:           TIME:               OPPONENT:                   
10/8                7:00 pm           Philadelphia 76ers
10/10              7:00 pm          Washington Wizards (Greenville, SC)
10/13              7:00 pm          Orlando Magic
10/15              11:00 am        Detroit Pistons
10/17              7:00 pm          Washington Wizards
10/19              8:00 pm          Chicago Bulls 
10/20              7:30 pm          Atlanta Hawks
10/23              7:00 pm          Indiana Pacers 

10/29              7:00 pm          Milwaukee Bucks

11/1                7:00 pm         Memphis Grizzlies
11/2                7:30 pm          New York Knicks  (on NBA TV)
11/4                8:00 pm          New Orleans Pelicans
11/5                7:00 pm         Miami Heat
11/7                7:00 pm         Atlanta Hawks
11/9                9:30 pm          L.A. Lakers
11/11              10:00 pm        Portland Trail Blazers
11/14              9:00 pm          Phoenix Suns

11/15              10:30 pm        Golden State Warriors 
11/17              7:00 pm         Dallas Mavericks
11/19              7:00 pm          Indiana Pacers
11/21              7:00 pm         Orlando Magic 
11/23              6:00 pm          Miami Heat
11/24              7:00 pm          L.A. Clippers
11/26              7:00 pm          Portland Trail Blazers
11/28              7:00 pm          Golden State Warriors 
11/29              7:30 pm           Atlanta Hawks 

12/3                7:00 pm          Chicago Bulls
12/5                7:00 pm          New York Knicks 
12/10              7:00 pm          Boston Celtics

12/12              8:00 pm          Memphis Grizzlies
12/13              7:00 pm          Brooklyn Nets
12/15              7:00 pm          Cleveland Cavaliers  (on NBA TV)
12/17              7:00 pm          Phoenix Suns
12/19              7:00 pm           Philadelphia 76ers
12/20              7:00 pm          Utah Jazz
12/22              7:00 pm          Denver Nuggets 
12/23              8:00 pm          Milwaukee Bucks 
12/26              8:00 pm          Oklahoma City  (on NBA TV)

12/27              7:00 pm          Orlando Magic
12/29              7:00 pm          Milwaukee Bucks  (on NBA TV)
12/31              7:00 pm           Houston Rockets

1/2                  7:00 pm          Cleveland Cavaliers
1/3                  7:00 pm           Orlando Magic 
1/5                  7:30 pm           Boston Celtics

1/7                  7:00 pm          New Orleans Pelicans
1/8                  7:30 pm          Toronto Raptors
1/10                1:00 pm          New York Knicks
1/14                7:00 pm          
1/17                7:00 pm          Indiana Pacers 
1/19                2:00 pm          Minnesota Timberwolves
1/21                7:00 pm          Miami Heat 
1/23                7:30 pm          Cleveland Cavaliers 
1/24                7:00 pm          New York Knicks  (on NBA TV)
1/28                8:30 pm          San Antonio Spurs
1/31                9:00 pm          Denver Nuggets 

2/2                  7:00 pm           Washington Wizards 
2/5                  7:00 pm          Washington Wizards
2/7                  7:30 pm           Philadelphia 76ers 
2/8                  6:00 pm          Indiana Pacers
2/10                7:00 pm          Detroit Pistons

2/22                7:30 pm          Dallas Mavericks 
2/25                8:00 pm          Chicago Bulls
2/27                7:30 pm          Boston Celtics 

3/1                  6:00 pm          Orlando Magic 

3/3                  7:00 pm          L. A. Lakers
3/4                  7:30 pm          Brooklyn Nets
3/6                  7:00 pm          Toronto Raptors 
3/8                  6:00 pm          Detroit Pistons
3/9                  7:00 pm          Washington Wizards
3/11                7:30 pm          Sacramento Kings
3/13                7:00 pm          Chicago Bulls 
3/16                9:00 pm          Utah Jazz 
3/17              10:30 pm          L. A. Clippers
3/20              10:00 pm          Sacramento Kings
3/22                7:00 pm          Minnesota Timberwolves
3/23                8:00 pm          Chicago Bulls 
3/25                7:00 pm          Brooklyn Nets
3/27                7:00 pm          Washington Wizards 
3/28                7:00 pm          Atlanta Hawks
3/30                7:00 pm          Boston Celtics 

4/1                  7:00 pm          Detroit Pistons 
4/3                  7:00 pm          Indiana Pacers 
4/4                  7:00 pm          Philadelphia 76ers
4/7                  7:30 pm          Miami Heat 
4/8                  7:00 pm          Toronto Raptors   (on ESPN)
4/10                7:30 pm          Atlanta Hawks
4/12                3:30 pm          Detroit Pistons 
4/13                7:00 pm          Houston Rockets  
4/15                8:00 pm          Toronto Raptors   (on ESPN)

Playoffs Begin

Events: Carolina Panthers Football Schedule -2014

Panther Eyes*(Home Games in Bold)
DATE:           TIME:               OPPONENT:                   
8/8                7:30 pm            Buffalo Bills

8/17              8:00 pm            Kansas City Chiefs
8/22              7:30 pm            New England Patriots
9/7                4:25 pm            Tampa Bay Buccaneers
9/14              1:00 pm            Detroit Lions
9/21              8:30 pm            Pittsburgh
9/28              1:00 pm             Baltimore Ravens
10/5              1:00 pm            Chicago Bears
10/12            1:00 pm             Cincinnati Bengals
10/19            1:00 pm             Green Bay Packers
10/26            8:25 pm            Seattle Seahawks
10/30            8:30 pm            New Orleans Saints
11/10            8:30 pm             Philadelphia Eagles
11/16            1:00 pm            Atlanta Falcons
11/23            ———-             Bye Week
11/30            1:00 pm             Minnesota Vikings
12/7              1:00 pm             New Orleans Saints 
12/14            1:00 pm            Tampa Bay Buccaneers
12/21            1:00 pm            Cleveland Browns 
12/28            1:00 pm             Atlanta Falcons

Opponents, dates and times subject to change without notice 

Real Estate Tips: Buying new construction? Yes, you need a Realtor®.

New Home for 2.25.14
With new home sales in 2013 up 16.4 percent over 2012, it’s clear that many homebuyers are considering new construction homes again.

And, since most new developments have an agent on-site, new construction homebuyers may wonder why or if they need a Realtor®. Let’s take a moment here to examine the question more closely.

Buying a home is likely the biggest investment you will ever make, so it’s generally a good idea to have a Realtor on your team.

A Realtor will help you learn about buying a new home, find a builder in your target location and budget, help you explore the latest building trends and become a more educated consumer. When looking at new construction developments, a Realtor can help you find and compare different communities, builders and floor plans.

If you make the decision to go with a particular builder, it is the on-site sales agent, who works for the builder, who will help you make flooring and lighting selections and write your sales contract. Your Realtor will help you negotiate the contract, explain the process and be your advocate throughout the transaction.

Using a Realtor as your representative in this transaction won’t increase the price of the home, nor will not using a Realtor reduce the price of the home.

Before you close on your purchase of a newly constructed home, you, your Realtor and the builder will do a final “walk-through”, providing an opportunity to spot items that may need to be corrected or adjusted. During the inspection, your Realtor can advocate for you and ask the right questions about:

  • The operation of the house’s components
  • The buyer’s responsibilities for maintenance and upkeep
  • Warranty coverage and procedures

Buying a newly constructed home can be more complicated than it first appears. Representation by a Realtor gives you peace of mind, and an expert set of eyes to make sure that you get the home you expect and deserve.

Tony Jarrett
Allen Tate 
Regional Vice President, Triad

Posted 2/25/2014

Real Estate: 7141 Pleasant Grove Road- Charlotte,NC


Click on link for more information & pictures –

  7141 Pleasant Grove Road – Charlotte, NC 28216    Bedrooms:  4                           Full Bathrooms:    4                    Half Bathrooms:  0 Square Feet:  2,600-3,200                                                                 Lot Size:   1.01 This home is priced to sell fast! Recently updated with fresh paint, new carpet, granite, stainless appliances & new light fixtures. Fabulous home on large lot with 2 car garage attached plus, a 2 car detached garage with an office space above or could be an apartment. Home is handicap accessible with wheel-in shower in bathroom on the main level. Huge deck with wheelchair ramp leading to driveway. Great backyard! Desirable location in Charlotte but close to Huntersville, Mount Holly & major roads. Some properties that appear for sale on this website may subsequently have been sold and may no longer be available.

Real Estate: 8939 Myra Way – Charlotte,NC


Click on link for more information & pictures – 

                                                8939 Myra Way – Charlotte, NC 28215    Bedrooms:  3                           Full Bathrooms:    2                    Half Bathrooms:  0 Square Feet:  1,500-1,900                                                                 Lot Size:   .94 Hard to find ranch home on almost an acre. Home is in pristine condition and ready for new owner. New roof in July of 2010, all new kitchen & appliances in 2005, replacement windows, heat pump in 2004 and updated electrical. This home offers large bedrooms, kitchen that is open to den with a sit at bar, 1 car garage and storage building/garage. Convenient location!      Some properties that appear for sale on this website may subsequently have been sold and may no longer be available.

Real Estate Tips: Top Moving Scams – Do You Know What They Are?…

Whether you are moving across the street or across the country, it is in your best interest to do your homework. Below, is a list of the top scams and helpful tips to protect you against your next move.
  • BLIND ESTIMATE– This is when the moving company gives you a quote sight-unseen. Not a great way to start. Sure the estimate may sound good but beware…it is usually to good to be true. Most estimates are based on miles, weight of belongings and amount of space items take up in the moving truck.
  • GLANCE & DASH– This is when a moving estimator does a quick walk-thru of your home and doesn’t throughly check cabinets, closets, etc… or take a lot of notes and then leaves to write-up an estimate. Again, this quote will be off but it may sound good to you. A good estimator will ask lots of questions, look in closets and cabinets, plus take lots of notes. Some questions may be “are you planning on moving the food in your pantry?” Are you having a sale or donating items to help lighten the load?’
  • DEPOSIT PLEASE– Reputable movers will NOT demand large deposits or cash up front. So please be wary of this. Generally, you pay upon delivery. This helps keep the control in your court in case items go missing or get damaged during the move. If you did pay up front, you gave up your control. Don’t forget when you do pay, use a credit card that will help protect against fraudulent activity.
  • NAME GAME– Some companies figured out a way around the Better Business Bureau by constantly changing their name of business. So when you select your company, make sure it has a local address, current licensing & insurance, plus try to get 3 references (call them). Another tip, make sure when you call the company that they answer with the full company name and not “moving service” or something else generic.
  • PACK UP THE COSTS- When it comes to packing, the biggest decision is what to do? Usually, if you do the packing of your belongings, the mover isn’t responsible for any damages to them. However, if you let the moving company pack, lookout for over inflated prices on boxes and other packing materials, plus time and labor. Most moving companies are careful but there are others that will just throw whatever they can fit into a box and seal it up.
  • ADDITIONAL FEES– Got stairs? or moving to a house that does? Well, expect an extra charge. Moving to a penthouse apartment? Again, expect an extra charge. Live on a narrow street that won’t fit a large moving truck? Expect a surcharge fee for the transfer of your belongings to a smaller truck for delivery.
  • INSURANCE– All moving companies are required to assume liability for the value of goods that they transport. However, there are two different levels you can get and you should be aware of the charges that apply and the amount of protection for each.
             FULL REPLACEMENT VALUE PROTECTION: This plan provides the most protection to your belongings. However, there will be an additional fee for this protection and may vary from mover to mover. With this plan, any article lost, destroyed or damaged while in mover’s custody, your mover will, at their choice, either (1) repair the article to the extent necessary to restore it to the same condition as when it was received by your mover or pay you for the cost of such repairs; (2) replace the article with an article of like kind and quality or pay you the cost of such replacement. Ask your mover for more specific details about this plan.              ALTERNATIVE LEVEL of LIABILITY: Most economical protection with no additional fee but minimal protection for your belongings. With this plan, the mover assumes the liability for no more than 60 cents per pound, per article. Loss or damaged claims are based on the pound weight of the article multiplied by 60 cents. So lets say you have a 50 pound flat screen tv, valued at $1200 and it was lost or destroyed, the mover is liable for no more than $30.00 (50 pounds x 60 cents). So think long and hard about this option of protection. Be prepared to sign a specific statement on the movers bill of lading agreeing to this coverage but you will not be charged an extra fee.
  • FILL IN THE BLANK- Most people know this but don’t ever, ever sign a blank contract of any kind. It doesn’t matter that you got along well with moving company or you really like them. It should be common sense not to sign a blank contract. You should get a s much as you can in writing (estimate,additional fees, delivery date, pick up date, etc…).
  • THE LIST – Read your contract from top to bottom and make sure you have all your belongings listed. If you dont’ see an item on the inventory form and you signed before the delivery driver took off, then don’t expect that item to be in the box when he arrives. You can’t file a claim for something that didn’t exist on the inventory form. Never be satisfied with a box that is labeled as “kitchen stuff” or “office supplies” on the inventory list either. The more specific the better off you are.
  • MOVING CONTRACT– Federal Law requires one of two kinds of moving contracts: binding and non-binding. Binding contract is supposed to be a guaranteed price for the move with all the extras and services. A non-binding  contract means the company cannot require payment of more than 10 percent above the orignal estimate & is due within 30 days of delivery. However, always read the fine print! There is usually an exception with weight.
  • Give as much information as you can about your belongings so there won’t be any surprises later for you or the moving company. For instance, if you plan on getting a new mattress before you move or you sold some items that don’t need to be included in quote).
  • Do an online search for the moving company you want to use. You should be able to find any complaints or praises for that company. You can also call the government’s consumer complaints hotline (1-888-368-7238)
  • Realtor knows the best moving companies in town but you can also ask friends and family for referrals. The American Moving and Storage Association and State Associations of Movers are also great resources to get a list of reliable moving companies local and national.
  • By federal law, movers are required to give you a booklet “Your Right and Responsibilities When You Move” when in the planning stages of your move and not after everything is packed up. If the moving company you selected did not offer one, choose another mover.
  • Under the Full Replacement Value Protection, movers are permitted to limit their liability for loss or damage to articles of extraordinary value, UNLESS you specifically list these articles on the shipping documents. An article of extraordinary value is defined as any item whose value exceeds $100 per pound (jewelry, furs, antiques, fine china, oriental rugs, etc…).
  • It’s a good idea to open each box and go through it while movers are unloading the rest of your belongings. Make a note of any damage to the mover’s copy of bill of lading before you sign off. The moving company has 30 days to acknowledge receipt of your claim. A good rule of thumb is to take pictures. Before and after proof makes it harder for the movers to deny any damages.
We hope this information has been helpful to you and that you are  well-informed the next time you make your move. If you have any questions, please give us a call. 2010

Real Estate Market: Demand for Housing Will Increase in 2011

The last Pending Home Sales Index from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) showed a substantial 10.4% month-over-month increase. According to NAR the index measures: housing contract activity. It is based on signed real estate contracts for existing single-family homes, condos and co-ops. A signed contract is not counted as a sale until the transaction closes. Modeling for the PHSI looks at the monthly relationship between existing-home sale contracts and transaction closings over the last four years. This increase confirms a growing feeling that demand for housing has begun to increase. Both NAR and Fannie Mae expect an increase in sales over the upcoming five quarters. Here are their projections:  

Bottom Line

Sales will increase over the next several quarters. The increase will initiate a housing recovery. However, price increases will not take place until current inventory levels diminish. That could take 12-18 months. by The KCM Crew on December 13, 2010