Real Estate: Buying Your 1st Home – Helpful Tips

You’re buying your first home and anticipating the joys of having your own place, not to mention the nice tax benefit. And while there’s a good chance that family and friends are offering helpful “advice,” you’ve likely turned a deaf ear to them – because this is YOUR home and YOU know what you want.   But for the same reasons you are working with a Realtor to help you navigate the process, you can benefit from the mistakes of first-timers who have come before you.   Consider these suggestions from other first-time home buyers:  
  1. Ask for what you really want. If your home of choice needs renovations and the sellers are willing to help, let them know your preferences. And ask for the appliances or curtains if you want them.  
  2. Don’t overlook the details. Check for adequate storage space, electrical and phone outlets, and overhead lighting. Measure to make sure your furniture will fit in the rooms – and through the hallways.
  3. Budget for expenses AFTER closing. You’ll be surprised how much blinds, curtains, paint, furniture and accessories will add up. And no one wants to wait months to make the new place look like home.
  4. Drive the commute and explore the area. How far is the home from work or school? What’s located nearby? What’s located within walking distance? (See “Neighborly Advice”)
  5. Meet the neighbors. Neighbors can become your best friends or your worst nightmare. If you’ve found “the one,” introduce yourself and gain some insight on the people you’ll see everyday.
  6. Think before you sell. Your modestly priced first home could appreciate significantly in a matter of years. Before you sell quickly, consider hanging on to it as an investment.
  Questions about buying your first home? We’d love to share more tips with you.