Real Estate Tips: Are You Making Your Home Harder to Sell?

  Not every home renovation, addition, or repair is a good thing. Many of these so-called “improvements” can actually make your home harder to sell. Below are a few things you should do if you’d like to keep away potential buyers:
  1. Paint your home using bold colors, such as orange, purple, or black. While you’re at it, paint the exterior bright blue, green or even pink (yes, we have seen that before).
  2. Add as many water features as possible, such as a swimming pool, hot tub, waterfall, and a pond. Everyone loves water, right?
  3. Landscape your entire yard with high maintenance plants that require lots of care and upkeep. Cover every square inch of the ground with some kind of planting.
  4. Save money and call your unemployed cousin to make your repairs. He has plenty of time and can probably figure out how to build a deck, if he buys that construction book.
When it comes to selling your home, it’s about what a buyer wants and likes. Call us for expert advice on what you can do or should do to sell your home faster.

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