Real Estate Market: America’s Top States for Business

North Carolina is in The Top 5 

By Pat Riley
More good news was released this week discussing the bright future of North Carolina. . After a two year absence, North Carolina was ranked #4 in CNBC’s 2010 Edition of “America’s Top States for Business.”  So, what does that tell us? 
North Carolina Ranked #4
  We know that folks are retiring here. We know for a fact that the population is growing organically.  We know the state of North Carolina, through its state university systems and private universities, is attracting bright young talent.  We know that young people who go away to school return back here to build a career and start a family.  We know that folks seeking a second career are migrating here to retool and regenerate.  We know that career professionals who are self employed, and need an international airport, choose us for their landing pad. All of these contribute to steady growth and are the icing on our cake. The cake itself is the statistics, facts and rankings illustrated in this report.  Being ranked 4th in America for business friendliness and attractiveness is the best, most fortified, foundation we could ever hope for.  We moved up in the rankings this past year which bodes well that our Chamber of Commerce(s), our public/private partnerships, and our economic development incentives are paying off and are successful in their quest to promote the benefits of living here.  Moving forward, we must also be diligent to control expenses and tax increases so that we stay competitive and continue our climb up the chart.

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